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Direct Mail

Direct Mail and Data Management

When it comes to direct mail there are a lot of moving parts; formatting, quality checks, budgets, tight deadlines, personalisation, artwork, the list is endless! That is where we step in. From beginning to end, we provide the whole package when managing a direct mail campaign.

Our no-nonsense approach ensures that your direct mail requirements are not only met but exceeded, all within a timescale and budget. We will organise everything from data cleansing, mail sort, letterheads, personalisation, inserts, envelopes (including poly wrap, postal tubes and packs), staggered releases, liaising with the Royal Mail and even the returns processing.

Along with our print management system, we offer a unique ‘pick & pack’ service, guiding you through selecting the best materials to add to your direct mail campaign.

We perform numerous reconciliations to avoid miss-fill and, therefore, data breach, as well as using fully encrypted file transfer through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Electronic storage and communication of data is protected by strict controls and our customers can also take reassurance from our Supply Chain data integrity controls which are the most robust to be found in the industry, with accreditations including ISO9001, ISO27001 and N3.

As members of the Direct Marketing Association we also have access to research, industry guidelines and best practice guidelines to ensure creativity, innovation and responsible marketing.

Benefits include:

  • Postal prices – we provide access to the lowest postal prices through annual tender
  • Drastically reducing clients’ personnel burden – releasing your staff from time-consuming mail related tasks and increasing productivity
  • Supply chain technologies – we use the best technologies to reduce cost and improve efficiency
  • Dedicated support – our hands-on approach and expert support ensures you meet deadlines, every time
  • 100% mailings and quality control
  • Data programming – providing you with access to our industry experts
  • Data protection enhancements in outsourcing to ensure the safety and security of data

The support we provide is constant and based on extensive industry experience. Put your trust in us and we guarantee to reduce your costs. We’ll be here when you need us.

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