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Shared Leaflet Distribution

On a limited budget and still need to market your product or service? This could be an option for you. If you can afford to postpone kick starting your campaign shared leaflet distribution may be the leaflet delivery method of choice.

Right here at Levitus Distribution we give our clients the versatility of choosing the ideal leaflet distribution option which best suits their requirements. Shared Distribution means your leaflets could be delivered with up to 4 other non competing companies.

Ideally this is a leaflet distribution strategy for campaigners who are not particular on a start date and accept that delivery dates and times could vary and is dependant on the consensus of all the other adversing parties. Though we aim to commence all shared campaigns within 4 weeks, due to the complexities of organising other distributors we sometimes fall short of this endeavour and are not able to offer any start date guarantees. This offers promoters low cost marketing if time is not of the essence. 

Things to Note

Here are a few hand picked reasons for choosing this leaflet distribution type.

Low Cost

This type of Leaflet Distribution approach means your campaign cost is extremely low provided you are flexible with the campaign commencement date. Shared Leaflet Distribution start from as little as £28 per thousand.

Limited control over your distribution start date

Our team of social media experts can manage your accounts on your behalf and engage with your audience.

Low threshold for ROI

As the cost per drop is relatively low there is a greater possibility of a higher ROI. This however is dependent on the value of a sale or prospect.

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